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CERP GIS Project Locator

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has created an easy-to-use interactive map application to view CERP project information.

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CERP Components Map

View or download a map showing the Comprehensive Everglades restoration Plan (CERP) components.

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The Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) (external link)

Eden is an integrated network of real-time water-level monitoring, ground-elevation modeling, and water-surface modeling that provides scientists and managers with current (1999-present), on-line water-depth information for the entire freshwater portion of the Greater Everglades. The target users are biologists and ecologists examining trophic level responses to hydrodynamic changes in the Everglades.

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EEE Maps

Environmental and Economic Equity (EEE) Baseline Data Acquisition and Analysis Maps. These maps are designed to be a tool to help begin to disseminate demographic, economic, water use, conservation and land use data.

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South Florida Information Access (SOFIA)

SOFIA provides scientific information access in support of research, decision-making and resource management for the South Florida ecosystem restoration effort.

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System Wide Modeling

System-wide model results will be used by the RECOVER teams to evaluate the system-wide performance of particular CERP projects. Project Development Teams can also review system-wide model results of their plan alternatives.


USACE Survey Monument Archival and Retrieval Tool (U-SMART)

Information and locations of all survey monuments in the area can be found on U-SMART an online survey monument archival and retrieval tool.

w Maps - Animation

Water Flow Maps of the Everglades: Past, Present & Future

*Click on the map to the left to view and compare the Historic Flow, Current Flow and The Plan (CERP) Flow.

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Download the Water flow maps from our Requested Downloads page. Available in JPG and SWF (animated) formats


Given the complexities associated with environmental restoration, the keys to success are sound scientific practices.


ATLSS (external link)

Across Trophic Level System Simulation (ATLSS) is a scientific modeling tool that assists with predicting the complex biological responses to changes made to the water regime.


The Committee on Restoration of the Greater Everglades Ecosystem (CROGEE) was developed by the National Academy of Sciences and is designed to provide scientific guidance to multiple agencies to assist with the restoration of the greater Everglades.

Recent Publications by CROGEE/NRC:

Re-Engineering Water Storage in the Everglades:Risks and Opportunities (2005)

Adaptive Monitoring and Assessment for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (2003)

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Everglades/Florida Bay Watershed Management Website
Provides decision makers and water managers with objective, high quality advice on scientific and engineering issues pertaining to understanding, preserving and restoring the fauna and flora of the Everglades/Florida Bay ecosystem.

RECOVER(REstoration COordination & VERification is an arm of the Comprehensive Plan (CERP) responsible for linking science and the tools of science to a set of system-wide planning, evaluation and assessment tasks.

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South Florida Information Access (SOFIA)
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) is an interdisciplinary service that provides coherent information access in support of research, decision making, and resource management for the South Florida ecosystem restoration effort. SOFIA offers a suite of information systems and tools enabling the selection, organization, documentation, dissemination and storage of data and other information products.

SOFIA Database

SOFIA Data Exchange

SOFIA Metadata
On this page you will find links to metadata and the project each metadata is associated with.

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SFWMD Simulation Modeling

Models help scientists and planners measure the possible effects of a variety of impacts on various complex systems.