CERP Guidance Memoranda (CGM)

Initial program guidance was published in August 2000 in the Master Program Management Plan (MPMP). The MPMP is regarded as the baseline program guidance document for the implementation of the CERP program. Since the initial MPMP, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and South Florida Water Management District program managers have made decisions on a wide array of issues that directly affect their staff's execution of the program. The program managers translated their decisions into Guidance Memoranda which you can read or download from this page.

CGM NumberSubjectCategoryEffective Date
001.00Project Status IndicatorsReports07-Nov-01
002.05Project NamesGeneral14-Dec-11
003.02Development, Approval and Revision of CERP Guidance MemorandaGeneral28-Oct-03
004.00Program Controls Reporting to the Design Coordination Team (DCT)Reports07-Nov-01
005.01Total Project Cost Estimate ManagementFinancial Management09-May-06
006.02Web Site Management - CERP Public WebWeb Management19-Dec-07
007.01Project Change ControlProgram Controls15-Apr-14
008.00DCT Standard Operating ProceduresDCT18-Apr-02
009.02Web Calendar ManagementWeb Management18-Jul-08
010.00Interim Permitting Requirements Language in PMPsPMP18-Apr-02
011.02Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Requirements for CERP TeamsGeneral28-Apr-03
012.00Management RegionsGeneral18-Apr-02
013.03Acronyms and Glossary of TermsGeneral30-Sep-03
014.00Independent Technical Review (ITR)ITR18-Apr-02
015.00Project MilestonesScheduling07-Jan-03
016.00Sea Level Rise Considerations for Formulation and Evaluation of CERP ProjectsGeneral27-May-04
017.01Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)WBS19-Dec-07
018.01Project Delivery Team MembershipGeneral25-Mar-03
019.01Contracting Work for Project Implementation Reports / Pilot Project DesignPIR06-Nov-02
023.01Water Quality Considerations for the Project Implementation Report PhasePIR01-Mar-04
024.00Environmental Justice in Everglades Restoration PlanningGeneral04-Dec-02
025.00CERP P3e Protocol ManagementScheduling28-Oct-03
027.00Independent Peer Review of RECOVER DocumentsRECOVER18-Dec-03
028.01Technical Specifications for CERP GISData/Schedule Management08-Oct-09
029.00Project-Level Public OutreachGeneral19-Nov-03
030.00Interagency Modeling Center (IMC)Modeling22-Jul-03
033.01CERP Web Design Usability and Graphic StandardsWeb Management19-Dec-07
034.00Florida Sunshine Law RequirementsGeneral18-Dec-03
035.00Content Management for Project WebsitesWeb Management25-Aug-03
036.01Technical Guidance for Use of the CERP Geodetic Vertical ControlGeneral22-May-09
037.01Certification of Credit for CERP Work-In-Kind (WIK) ExpendituresFinancial Management26-Jul-07
040.02Project Level Monitoring and AssessmentData Management02-Apr-12
041.01Agency Responsibility & Coordination for QA, QC and Data Validation for CERP Environmental MonitoringData/Schedule Management17-Sep-10
042.01Toxic Substances Screening Process - Mercury and PesticidesWater Quality17-Sep-10
051.00Processes and Procedures for Conducting Public Accessed PDT, RECOVER and Programmatic Level Activity Workshops and MeetingsData Management17-Oct-06
052.00Documentum Use, Policy and GuidanceData Management28-Jun-07
053.00CERP Internal Website - Use, Policy and GuidanceWeb Management18-Jul-08
054.00Centralized Storage Use Policy and GuidanceData Management15-Oct-08
056.00Guidance for Integration of Adaptive Management (AM) into Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) Program and Project ManagementAdaptive Management08-Feb-11
060.00Construction Change Control RequestData Management26-Mar-13
062.00Invasive and Native Nuisance Species ManagementInvasive Species11-Jul-12


Project Contact:

April Patterson
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers