Project Documents:
Broward County Water Preserve Areas
Project Implementation Report (PIR) and
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Revised Final - February 2012

pir iconThe Broward County Water Preserve Areas Revised Final PIR/EIS is available for review and public comment. You may view or download the report below and submit comments. The public comment period ends April 30, 2012.

The April 2007 Final Integrated PIR/EIS was approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Review Board and coordinated with the public. However, the April 2007 PIR/EIS did not receive a signed Chief of Engineers' Report, nor a Record of Decision, due to changing policies at the time. Those policies have been finalized, and the EIS updated accordingly.

The February 2012 revisions to the 2007 Final Integrated PIR/EIS does not include substantial changes in the proposed action relevant to environmental concerns, the proposed action or its impacts. However, cumulatively, the revisions and additions are important as they are related to cost, modeling, final array of alternatives, benefits analysis, design, and compliance with new/updated policies and guidance.

Download the PIR/EIS

February 2012 - Broward County Water Preserve Areas
Revised Final PIR/EIS

Volume 1 - Main Report

  • Abstract (124 kb, PDF)

  • Executive Summary (438 kb, PDF)

  • Table of Contents (128 kb, PDF)

  • Section 1 (789 kb, PDF)

  • Section 2 (1.7 mb, PDF)
    Existing Conditions/Affected Environment

  • Section 3 (288 kb, PDF)
    Future Without Project Condition

  • Section 4 (182 kb, PDF)
    Identification of Problems and Opportunities

  • Section 5 (1.3 mb, PDF)
    Formulation and Evaluation of Alternative Plans

  • Section 6 (814 kb, PDF)
    Environmental Effects

  • Section 7 (3.4 mb, PDF)
    The Selected Plan

  • Section 8 (509 kb, PDF)
    Plan Implementation

  • Section 9 (174 kb, PDF)
    Summary of Coordination, Public Views and Comments

  • Section 10 (168 kb, PDF)
    District Engineer’s Recommendation

  • Section 11 (140 kb, PDF)
    List of Report Preparers

  • Section 12 (102 kb, PDF)

  • Section 13 (189 kb, PDF)
    Glossary of Terms

  • Section 14 (100 kb, PDF)

  • Section 15 (120 kb, PDF)

  • Volume 2 - Annexes A- B

  • Annex A (9.9 mb, PDF)
    FWCA and Endangered Species Act Compliance

  • Annex B (6.5 mb, PDF)
    NEPA Information

  • Volume 3 - Annexes C-E

  • Annex C (4.4 mb, PDF)
    Analyses Required by WRDA 2000 and State Law

  • Annex D (778 kb, PDF)
    Draft Project Operating Manual, Monitoring Plans, and Vegetation Management Plan

  • Annex E (2.2 mb, PDF)
    Project Monitoring Plan

  • Annex F (468 kb, PDF)
    RECOVER Reports

  • Volume 4 - Appendix
    Appendix A – Engineering

  • Appendix A - Part 1 (14.2 mb, PDF)
    Engineering Appendix A

  • Appendix A - Part 2 (17.2 mb, PDF)
    Engineering Plates

  • Appendix A - Part 3 (14 mb, PDF)

  • Appendix A - Part 4 (12 mb, PDF)
    East Coast Buffer Regional Selenium Project

  • Appendix A - Part 5 & 6 (3.8 mb, PDF)
    Attachment F: Additional Assessment for East Coast Buffer Regional Selenium Report May 2011.

  • Appendix A - Part 7 (329 kb, PDF)
    Attachment G: SFWMD Letter Requesting Inclusion of a Section Entitled "Residual Agricultural Chemicals" within the Broward County Water Preserve Area Final Integrated Project Implementation Report and Environmental Impact Statement, March 09, 2012.

  • Appendix A - Part 8 (9.8 mb, PDF)
    Final Value Engineering Study Report for 114627 Broward County Water Preserve Area (PIR)

  • Volume 5 - Appendices B-H

  • Appendix B (2.5 mb, PDF)
    Cost Estimates

  • Appendix C (5.8 mb, PDF)
    Environmental Information

  • Appendix D (1.2 mb, PDF)
    Real Estate Plan

  • Appendix E (194 kb, PDF)
    Agency and Public Coordination

  • Appendix F (1 mb, PDF)
    Economic and Social Considerations

  • Appendix G (477 kb, PDF)

  • Appendix H (3.8 mb, PDF)
    Report Policy Updates

Submit Comments

Please send written comments and suggestions concerning this final report by postal mail or e-mail. The 30-day comment period starts March 30, 2012 and goes through April 30 2012. All comments must be received on or before April 30, 2012.

By postal mail:

Angela Dunn, Biologist
Planning & Policy Division,
Environmental Branch
US Army Corps of Engineers
P.O.Box 4970
Jacksonville, FL 32232-0019

Comments may also be submitted by e-mail:

Submit Comments on the Revised Final BCWPA PIR/EIS PIR

Printed copies of the Revised Final PIR/EIS will also be available for review in the reference section of the public libraries identified below:

Northwest Regional Library
3151 University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Broward County SW Regional Branch Library
16835 Sheridan Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33331

Broward County Main Library
100 South Andrew Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Broward County Weston Branch Library
4205 Bonaventure Blvd.
Weston, FL 33332

More Information:

If you require further information about this document, please contact Angela Dunn by telephone at (904) 232-2108.



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