Non-CERP South Florida Ecosystem
Restoration Projects

This page outlines several south Florida ecosystem restoration projects that were not authorized by the Water Resources Development Act of 2000 (WRDA), the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). They are however interrelated to the overall efforts to restore the south Florida ecosystem.

  • Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow Issues
    Find out more about the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow
    View the Interim Operation Plan (IOP) external link

  • C-111 South Dade Project
    Everglades and South Florida C&SF Non-CERP
    This project enhances freshwater wetlands and improved freshwater flows in the Southern Glades and Model Lands in southern Miami-Dade County. It improved the hydrology of Taylor Slough and coastal marshes of northeastern Florida Bay. The C-111 South Dade project includes a state expedited component. Preliminary design for the Frog Pond Impoundment is complete. This will reduce seepage from Taylor Slough to the lower C-111 canal system. Projects_C111.htm

  • Everglades Construction Project
    The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is responsible for projects which include but are not limited to the construction of stormwater treatment areas, hydropattern restorations, water diversions, and other improvements. The SFWMD is one of the state's five water management districts. It is the regional governmental agency responsible for water quality, flood control, water supply and environmental restoration in 16 counties, from Orlando to the Florida Keys. The Everglades Construction Project is one of these elements that made a contribution to the Everglades Program.

  • Florida Keys Water Quality Improvements Program (FKWQIP)
    On December 21, 2001, Public Law 106-554 authorized the Corps of Engineers to provide technical and financial assistance to carryout projects for the planning, design and construction of treatment works to improve water quality in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The primary purpose of this effort is to improve water quality in the Florida Keys, by implementation of several wastewater and stormwater master plans previously prepared for Monroe County and various municipalities within Monroe County.
    Find out more about Florida Keys Water Quality Improvements Program

  • Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation
    Everglades and South Florida Everglades and South Florida
    The Corps of Engineers is strengthening the 143 mile dike that surrounds Lake Okeechobee. It is an integral part of the C&SF Project. Construction is now under way on the most vulnerable southeast section. The project is expected to span two decades.

  • Kissimmee River Restoration Project (KRR)
    The KRR project is intended to restore over 40 square miles of river and floodplain ecosystem including the 43 miles of meandering river channel and 27,000 acres of wetlands. Restoration efforts will re-establish and environment conductive to the fauna and flora that existed there prior to the 1960s, when the river was dredged, straightened and widened to provide flood protection.
    View the Kissimmee River Restoration Project fact sheet.

  • Lakeside Ranch STA - Part of the Taylor Creek /Nubbin Slough Storage and Treatment Area
    Everglades and South Florida State of Florida
    This project. includes areas north of Lake Okeechobee and Taylor Creek/Nubbin Slough Reservoirs, the Lake Okeechobee Watershed Stormwater Treatment facilities, and modifications to the Lake Istokpoga Regulation Schedule (Highlands County tributary).

  • Long Term Plan for Achieving Water Quality Goals in the Everglades Protection Area Projects
    Everglades and South Florida State of Florida
    This is largely a State of Florida effort to ensure that all surface water discharges entering the Everglades Protection Area meet water quality standards, in accordance with Florida's Everglades Forever Act. There are many projects planned to achieve this, including the STAs. The Corps and others are partnering with the state to achieve these standards. The plan is revised in an adaptive manner to ensure new information is included.

  • Miami-Dade County Regional Canal Study
    The purpose of the Miami-Dade County Regional Canal Study is to determine whether modifications should be made to the existing Central and Southern Florida Project to provide flood damage reduction and solutions to other related water resource problems within Miami-Dade County.

  • Modified Water Deliveries to Everglades National Park (MWD)
    The overall purpose of the Modified Waters Delivery to Everglades National Park project is to restore the natural hydrologic conditions in Everglades National Park, which was altered by the construction of roads, levees, and canals. There are four major components of MWD: 8.5 Square Mile Area Flood mitigation, Tamiami Trail Modifications, Conveyance and Seepage Control Features, and Combined Operation Plan. All four components are necessary to provide substantial flow increases to Everglades National Park.
    Learn more about the Tamiami Trail Project

  • Seminole Big Cypress Reservation Water Conservation Plan
    Everglades and South Florida
    Everglades and South Florida
    The Seminole Big Cypress Reservation Water Conservation Plan is a comprehensive watershed management system designed to achieve environmental restoration on the Seminole Tribes Big Cypress Basin Reservation, the Big Cypress National Preserve, and the Everglades Protection Area. The project will reduce flood damage and promote water conservation. The Seminole Tribe will construct an expansion of conveyance canals in the eastern basin of the Big Cypress Reservation to transport water from Confusion Corner, where the SFWMD will deliver the Tribe's water entitlement through a new SFWMD pump station. The canals will carry the water to the Reservation's west basin, where the Corps will construct water storage cells and water resource areas. Projects_Critical.htm

  • West Palm Beach Canal/Stormwater Treatment Area 1-E
    Everglades and South Florida C&SF Non-CERP
    This project provides flood control, water quality and water supply to the C-51 basin in Palm Beach County. One component is Stormwater Treatment Area 1-East (STA - 1E). This is complete, but repairs are needed in one area of the project for it to be fully functional. These repairs will be made by the Corps of Engineers in 2009 and 2010.


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