Non-CERP Project:
Tamiami Trail Project

Photo by David Clayton

Non-CERP south Florida ecosystem restoration projects are projects that were not authorized by the Water Resources Development Act of 2000 (WRDA), the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). They are however interrelated to the overall efforts to restore the south Florida ecosystem.

The purpose of the Tamiami Trail Modifications Project (a component of Modified Water Deliveries) is to improve waterflow from north of Tamiami Trail in Water Conservation area 3B south to Northeast Shark River Slough within the Everglades National Park.

Tamiami Trail Project News

Tamiami Trail Factsheet Icon January 2014 | Updated Tamiami Trail Fact Sheet View or download the updated Modified Water Deliveries to Everglades National Park and Tamiami Trail Fact Sheet (4 mb,PDF)

March 2013 | Tamiami Trail Modifications Project
Construction Update
View the March 2013 Construction Update (4 mb, PDF)
Construction Update

View the Tamiami Trail Video with Clyde Butcher

See why breaching the Tamiami Trail barrier to the Everglades is the number one priority of Everglades National Park, and a goal many others support.

Tamiami Trail Slideshow Gallery

AER Shark Slough 8060 Looking S To ENP Across Hwy41 Oberhofer EVER

Looking South to Everglades National Park across Highway 41


Aerial view of Tamiami Trail

Bridge Project Plan View

Today, the Tamiami Trail serves as a barrier to flow into Everglades National Park. The project will construct a one-mile bridge to allow more water flow to the Park and Florida Bay to the south.

Cuts-2008 03-03 Looking North At WCA3a From ENP 8022a

Tamiami Trail cuts through the Everglades

TamiamiTrail 037

Tamiami Trail

Tamiami Trail Bridge Before and After:

Tamiami Trail Bridge Before and After Image

Modified Waters Delivery Related Documents:


Project Contacts:

Orlando Ramos-Gines
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

John Leslie III
South Florida Water Management District

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