C-43 Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery
Pilot Project

This ASR feature will capture C-43 Basin runoff and releases from Lake Okeechobee. The CERP Restudy envisioned aquifer storage and recovery wells with a capacity of approximately 220 million gallons per day and associated pre- and post- water quality treatment located in the C-43 Basin in Hendry, Glades, or Lee Counties in conjunction with another project. Water from another project's planned reservoir would be injected into the aquifer storage and recovery well field for long-term storage.

These facilities will be designed for water supply benefits, some flood attenuation, to provide environmental water supply deliveries to the Caloosahatchee Estuary, and water quality benefits to reduce salinity and nutrient impacts of runoff to the estuary. It is assumed that, depending upon the location of the facility and pollutant loading conditions within the watershed, the facility could be designed to achieve significant water quality improvements, consistent with appropriate pollution load reduction targets.

Project Details:

Project Sponsor:

South Florida Water Management District

Project Schedule:

For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).

Project Phase:

Pre-Construction, Engineering and Design

Design Agreement:

12 May 2000

CERP Component Designation:

D Part 2

Project Cooperation Agreement:



WRDA 2000 and 2007




Project Contacts:

Michael Collis, Section Chief
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Bob Verrastro, Project Manager
South Florida Water Management District

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