CERP Project:
North Lake Belt Storage Area

The purpose of this project is to capture and store a portion of the stormwater runoff from the C-6, western C-11 and C-9 Basins. The stored water would be used to maintain stages during the dry season in the C-9, C-6, C-7, C-4 and C-2 canals and to provide fresh water deliveries to Biscayne Bay to aid in meeting salinity targets. Runoff would be pumped and gravity fed into the in-ground reservoir from the C-6 (west of Florida's Turnpike), western C-11, and C-9 basins.

Outflows from the facility would be directed into the C-9 Stormwater Treatment Area/Impoundment for treatment prior to delivery to the C-9, C-7, C-6, C-4 and C-2 canals.

The project includes canals, pumps, water control structures, and an in-ground storage reservoir with a total capacity of approximately 90,000 acre-feet located in Miami-Dade County within an area proposed for rock mining. A subterranean seepage barrier would be constructed around the perimeter to enable drawdown during dry periods, to prevent seepage losses, and to prevent water quality impact due to the high transmissivity of the Biscayne Aquifer in the area.

Project Details:

Project Sponsor:

South Florida Water Management District

Project Schedule:

For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).

Project Phase:

Pre-Construction, Engineering and Design

Design Agreement:

12 May 2000

CERP Component Designation:

XX Part 2

Project Cooperation Agreement:



Not currently authorized


Project Contacts:

Michael Collis
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers