CERP Project:
Everglades National Park Seepage Management

The purpose of this feature is to improve water deliveries to Northeast Shark River Slough (NESRS) and restore wetland hydropatterns in the Everglades National Park (ENP) by reducing levee and groundwater seepage and increasing sheetflow. Detailed planning, design, and pilot studies will be conducted to determine the appropriate technology to control seepage from ENP and an appropriate amount of wet season groundwater flow control to minimize potential impacts to Miami-Dade County's west well field and freshwater flows to Biscayne Bay.

The Bird Drive Recharge Area feature was added to this project in 2004; to recharge groundwater and reduce seepage from ENP buffer areas by increasing water table elevations east of Krome Avenue. The facility should provide C-4 flood peak attenuation and water supply deliveries to South Dade Conveyance System and NESRS. As of 2008, the project evaluates four of the 68 components in the Restudy: L-31N Improvements (V), S-356 Structure Relocation (FF), Bird Drive Recharge Area (U) and Dade-Broward Levee/Pennsuco Wetlands (BB).

Project Details:

Project Sponsor:

South Florida Water Management District

Project Schedule:

For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).

Project Phase:

Project Implementation Report (PIR) Phase

Design Agreement:

12 May 2000

CERP Component Designation:

V, FF, U, BB

Project Cooperation Agreement:



WRDA 2000 (Programmatic Authority ) - feature BB only; Remaining features are not currently authorized


Project Contacts:

Michael Collis, Section Chief
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Bob Verrastro
South Florida Water Management District

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