CERP Project:
Strazzulla Wetlands

The purpose of this feature is to provide a hydrological and ecological connection to the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and expand the spatial extent of protected natural areas. This land can act as a buffer between higher water stages to the west and lands to the east that must be drained. This increase in spatial extent will provide habitat connectivity for species that require large un-fragmented tracts of land for survival.

The project includes water control structures and the acquisition of 3,335 acres located in Palm Beach County.

Project Details:

Project Sponsor:

South Florida Water Management District

Project Schedule:

For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).

Project Phase:

Pre-Construction, Engineering and Design

Design Agreement:

12 May 2000

CERP Component Designation:


Project Cooperation Agreement:



Not currently authorized


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