Aquifer Storage and Recovery
Regional Study

While the CERP Restudy did not directly call for an Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Regional Study, it was agreed that a coordinated central data collection and regional modeling effort was required to address the large-scale ASR implementation issues under the CERP. The study will investigate regional and technical issues governing the feasibility of full-scale ASR implementation; and its potential effect on water levels and water quality within the aquifer systems, and on existing water users, surface-water bodies, and the flora and fauna that inhabit them.

The ASR pilot facilities are the platforms used to conduct scientific and engineering studies addressing the uncertainties identified with using the technology at the scale envisioned under the CERP. Objectives of the ASR Regional Study are to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the Floridan Aquifer system, its ability to support ASR as envisioned in the CERP, and to identify any limitations to applying full scale ASR. With this information, optimum implementation of regional ASR can be determined.

ASR Informational Video (6 minutes)

Project Details:

Project Sponsor:

South Florida Water Management District

Project Schedule:

For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).

Project Phase:


Design Agreement:

12 May 2000

CERP Component Designation:


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Not currently authorized



Project Contact:

April Patterson
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Bob Verrastro
South Florida Water Management District

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