2014 System Status Report

The 2014 System Status Report (SSR) is the fifth in a series of systemwide reports that aim to provide an accounting of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) Monitoring and Assessment Plan (MAP) program. The goal of the MAP is to document status and trends of the defining attributes and key indicator species of the South Florida ecosystem, as well as address key questions (uncertainties) about achieving ecosystem restoration goals. A comprehensive understanding of the system enables the successful use of adaptive management principles to track and guide restoration activities to ultimately achieve restoration success.

The updates are provided on both a systemwide and a regional level. The four regions (see map to the right) are Lake Okeechobee, Northern Estuaries, Greater Everglades and Southern Coastal Systems. In addition, a Systemwide Science chapter that addresses assessments and issues that affect all of the regions is also provided.

Key findings and an Executive Summary were produced to accompany the updates.